Friday 6 June 2008

Shooting Peacocks Up The Arse!

As promised, here are links so that you can download the interview that I did with Bono in June 1997. It is in 2 parts.

I'll just give you some background to set the scene. This was at about 9pm, and my co-editor and I were in my living room, drinking the first of two bottles of red wine, staring at the telephone. When the phone rang, we jumped about 3 feet in the air. As you can hear, we were excited and nervous to start with, especially when we heard Bono's many "Helloooos". I was convinced that it was a friend of mine winding us up - because many of our friends knew we were expecting Bono to call, so I thought someone had thought it would be a hoot to "hijack" the phone!!

Anyway, it turned out to be the real Bono, and once he calmed down we got on okay. He was phoning from Chicago, and the time there was about 3pm, but I think Bono had not long got up!!

We were so thrilled to get almost 40 minutes of his time. He seemed really to enjoy the chat, and even though we thought when he said "Hold on, someone at the door" at the end of the first file here, he was going to use that as an excuse to leave, we were delighted when he came back and carried on chatting for ages after. The pause for the door was a couple of minutes, but of course I have cut that out.

Lots of wonderful, quotable Bono-isms in this, including the title of this post. Lots of gems.

A few embarrassing things came out of my mouth, but hopefully you will all be too polite to even notice them!!! At one point I tried to say the word "technologically" but it's hard to do when you have the best part of a bottle of wine in ya!!! LOL I think I got away with it.

For anyone confused by the the two "interviewer voices"... mine is the first voice on answering the phone to Beth. I say "yes we're here." and I think my speech is faster than my co-editor's. I've always been a motormouth!!! I also tell Bono that there are some questions from subsribers to the fanzine that we will drop in from time to time.

He he, I also tell him we are drinking wine, which causes a nice reaction from him. He had no wine.... he was munching bananas!

But anyway, I digress. Just download and enjoy. And please let me know what you think.

As I said, I may get a transcript up here soon, which may pick out anything you might miss on the sound.

So anyway, here are the files

Real Thing Interview 26th June 1997 # 1

Real Thing Interview 26th June 1997 #2

Oh, and it's been a long time since I listened to this all the way through. I just did so today and had to laugh at the excited squealing we did when Bono had hung up the phone. Well, at least I hope he had hung up!!!!

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