Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I haven't updated my blog in quite a while but I've been busy working on my book, so have not been lazy on the writing front. Also of course, my head has been full of U2 - looking forward to the tour and actually experiencing it for the first time in Nice last week.

Next stop on the 360 tour is Dublin on Friday. I will be taking my iPod with me on that trip and on subsequent ones to London and Glasgow, so I will be updating my blog with all my experiences more regularly.

For a fabulous account of my trip to Nice go to "The Crystal Gazer" blog (link on the side panel) to read Sue's brilliant write up. It was so great to be there with such a great friend. To experience something new and wonderful together. The U2 concert was just a part of it. A big part yes, but by no means all. I still haven't formulated my thoughts about the show properly and there was a lot to take in, but I feel that soon I will be able to put it all into words. The long wait for these shows was sometimes unbearable and turned out to be overwhelming for me. I didn't even realise that until now! The new album means a lot to me, and to hear some of it live was weirdly "quieting" for me. Not in a bad way. It's hard to explain, but I hope to as my "tour" progresses.

Until the weekend (which will be full of U2)....