Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Long time, lots of news, bit of a rant!

Hi there. It's been ages since I last posted here. So much has been happening and life has been speeding along at a rate of knotts.

The biggest news lately is that my job has changed. We all went through a worrying time at work, and had to apply for a job to stay with the company. After weeks of fretting and wondering what next year would bring if I was out of a job, I was successful and was offered a new job.

I will become Communications Assistant and that will present many new challenges. I am looking forward to it.

I've also been working away on my novel. When I went to Egypt a couple of months ago I went through a very productive and inspired period and wrote like a demon! Lots of new ideas and a brand new direction. I'm hoping to have it finished early next year.

Lots of things happening on the U2 front. Not all if it good though! Myself and my good friend Sue are already planning our concerts for next year's tour but it's not worked out as we'd hoped. There are no proper U2 shows in the UK. They are playing Glastonbury, but that's not a U2 show in the true sense. So no 360 dates in the UK.

More unbelievably, no Irish dates either!! How can they not? Many thought they would play Belfast (it's long overdue) and surely Dublin?! But no...

So Sue and I have had to venture to Europe and are seeing them in Frankfurt and Hanover in August.

And someone made a great point today. U2.com insisted that we all renew our membership (even if we had months left on the current one!) to get a code for presales for next year. But they did not tell us that there would be no "local" shows. So, many people hung on to their codes, waiting for UK dates to go on sale. And we hung on and on and on. Now they have told us, it is too late to buy for many other shows we might have considered - because they are sold out.

Now I love U2 to death and I won't let anyone who's not a fan slag them off. But I am entitled to. Their website takes money off many people who can ill-afford it. This trick is inexcusable! It's a side of U2 that I don't like - the "corporation". The guys themselves - as individuals - are wonderful (well, I can only really speak for Bono) but they really need to start looking at the practises that go on in their name. I will never accept the caveat that "they have people doing these things" because it is being done in their name and they profit extremely well from it.

Anyway. Enough of that. I've made my point :)

Other news us that Sue and I have booked a trip to Dublin for February!! Yay! So great to have a trip to our beloved city to look forward to.

Oh and on a final note, I have written this post from it iPod Touch using a new free application.

Let's see if it works!