Friday, 8 April 2011

That Friday Feeling

It's been a few weeks since I blogged so I'm being a good girl and posting! Friday is a great night to do that as it's the day that all the stresses fall away. Where are the weeks going? Spring is here this weekend and with it the promise of a great summer.

I've got so much coming up. Four weeks from today I will be seeing the U2 tribute band NU2. They have been disbanded for a while but are coming back to do a final "farewell" gig as the last time they played no one knew that would be it so no one was able to give them a send off.

The gig is at Falkirk Stadium, and since the lead singer is a good friend of ours (me and Sue) we are going as his guest, which is great. I'm very excited to be seeing them. They are (were) the very best U2 tribute and it's criminal that they are no more.

Of course I'll be staying at Sue's a while up in Carlisle. I'm there from Thursday to Sunday. We have a bottle of our favourite champagne (Veuve Cliquot) to celebrate.

At the end of May I'm off to Santorini, a fabulously beautiful Greek island, for two weeks. This is to rest and relax totally in preparation for another round of U2 360 shows.

That adventure - in Canada and The States - begins on 6th July........

...... but that's a whole other blog post sometime in the future!!