Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Staring at the Sun!

You know when sometimes you see something so beautiful you have to capture it forever? This is the sight that confronted me when I looked out of the aeroplane window on my way back from Dublin on Tuesday. The day had been gloriously hot and sunny, and the feeling that summer is here was very much with me. The sunset was breathtaking. I paid a price for this shot though... I had dark spots in my vision for literally hours later. Burnt retinas are no fun! I think they are just about back to normal though.

Dublin was fantastic. It was so good just to go there for the day, although that felt so weird as I had never done it before. It was exciting to have so much to do and so little time to do it... kind of a challenge. As the quote goes though, the "best laid plans of mice and men" were changed at the last minute, and we spent most of the afternoon down at Hanover Quay. We paid a visit to U2's place... saw all the band arrive, and lots of staff, technicians, musicians, producers, directors, come and go. But no luck with talking to any of the guys this time. Everyone is so busy at the moment and we understand that. We got a few words from Brian Eno though.... not about the record, unfortunately. He popped to the Spar shop for something and on the way back he just nodded and smiled and said how nice a day it was.

Bono peeped his horn at us as he drove into the garage, but never made an appearance. And we know there must have been a good reason for that.

So.... we ambled up the street to Milano, a lovely Italian restaurant, where we had a delicious dinner with a bottle of wine. A much welcome end to our whirlwind trip.

You can read Sue's account of our day here.


Northern Star said...

What a gorgeous photo you took from the plane .....inspirational! It was a whirlwind day, but also great fun and it was good to be back in Dublin

blue kite said...

Hi! I´m also a U2 fan! Was in Dublin last May! It´s really special so I know what you mean!

blue kite said...

ooooo, just forgot to mention that I love your plane photo and the title!