Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lovely Weekend

It's so good to get to the end of the working week, and I always feel like a Gladiator must when surviving the lions one more time!

It's always a mixed week; diversity in all things is a major part of my job.

We did our best - as a team of 15 - to become rich this week by having a go of the Euromillions. But, despite seeing two full rainbows in one afternoon and having 3 (yes 3!) black cats crossing my path on the way home from the supermarket last night, I remain a pauper along with my workmates.

Today, as a poor person, I'm having a lovely day. A bit of laziness, then some housework, and now homemade pannini pizzas, nachos and dips, and three Peruvian beers!

Hope you're all having a great one too!

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